Wild Entrepreneurs

We leave no heaven unexplored

The Tiger Safari Company was started in order to fulfill the quest for exploring the wilderness of India. The rich wildlife heritage coupled personal interest augured Saptarishi a cat lover and activist, and Akash Nagar nature photographer of repute to venture into ecotourism. Enthusiasm, zeal and vision furthered their entrepreneurship into creating a fully fledged package tour company The Tiger Safari.

The Tiger Safari Company

With core focus on tiger and major mammals, birding and adventure the safari tour operator became a major player in wildlife tourism. Though the mainstay is wild tiger safaris and birding, the company also adds essence of Indian culture into our itineraries by including trips to monuments of historical significance and culturally rich destinations.

The company provides complete satisfaction to its clients visiting India. The grouping of expert and experienced management, trained guides and handling teams make us a niche operator in ecotourism far apart from others. Our tiger safaris are shaped and designed to yield optimum outcomes, the guides deliver a highly interpretative experience a must in ecotourism.

We are not just guided by business acumen alone our deep knowledge of the subject, extensive research and explorative zeal accords a thrilling wild holiday experience to the travellers. The immense success of our trips sketch indelible memories that you will nurture for life.

Our Operations

With a vast network of travel service providers and Eco-friendly luxury lodges we are well placed in the hospitality sector. Our package tours are effectively planned and effortlessly executed to make your travel safe and sound. The ecotourism packages conducted by experienced tour leaders to tiger heavens are affordable and well designed.  Our destinations are well researched by the logistic team and the trips well planned before adding them to our itineraries.

As a destination management company our dedication and reputation delivers the finest, and attracts travellers from all over the World.

Our Team

Akash Nagar

Founder and Director

A wildlife photographer by profession, he has an unfailing eye for unique perspectives. He has been capturing the nature up close in its pristine purity, since over 8 years. His knowledge of natural history and photographic expertise is unsurpassed, earning him a respectable position among the eminent wildlife photographers of India. His portrayal of nature and the wilderness has been accredited in almost all the leading Wildlife magazines and journals. His company ensures myriad opportunities to know the lesser known elements of the wild and preserve it in a perfect shot.

Saptarishi Saigal

Founder and Director

A stockbroker by profession, his weekends are spent tracking down the moves of the felines. He is associated with several NGOs working to save the depleting number of Tigers. He is someone enamoured with the tigers and the jungle. None can escape his infectious passion for wildlife photography and Tiger conservation. His vast knowledge of nature and excellent photography brings out uncommon perspectives from the little-visited realms of nature. His enthralling experiences in the wild are a source of fascination for the ones who enjoy his spirited company.